Life is made up of everyday special & beautiful moments. We never want to forget the smaller details we love and adore.

Kath Vergara of Kath V. Photography can help you remember these moments by capturing & creating gorgeous images of your little ones.

Her beautiful natural light photography studio is located in Sunbury, which is north-west of Melbourne. More about Kath V.


2016 Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) VIC FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR

Kath V. is deeply humbled and honoured to have been awarded 2016 AIPP Victorian Family Photographer of the Year and 'finalist' 2016 AIPP Victorian Newborn Category.

For her, winning is great but being awarded this prestigious title with her 'everyday newborn and baby photography client work' is an amazing humbling achievement. The images Kath entered are the exact same images she provides her precious clients. Every single one of these award winning images are a true representation of her style, passion and everyday work.

This endorsement and validation of Kath’s work by the industry body which is the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), has been one one of the biggest highlights of her career.


Kath V. is the vision behind Kath V. Photography and regarded as one of the World’s most talented and progressive newborn and baby photographers. Kath’s natural ability is complemented by an imaginative styling and design sense, which explores a fanciful and enchanting genre.

Over the past six years, Kath has continued to refine her distinct technique and draws inspiration from every baby starlet that graces the studio. Kath’s relentless strive for perfection is consistently reflected in her ability to capture the perfect moment in a classical yet contemporary portraiture. 

Kath is a highly sought after International Speaker and Teacher having taught and presented in 5 Continents and 20 countries.

Her workshops have been successfully run in:

Melbourne, Sydney, USA, Philippines, England, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada,Turkey and UAE.

Kath’s proudest moment was presenting in front of 450+ Brazilian photographers in August 2017 in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Behind the scenes, Kath runs a profitable and growing business, which she rates equally important as the quality of her work. Her astute business knowledge, marketing and sales techniques have seen Kath V. Photography as one of the World's most successful newborn and baby photographer, mentor, teacher and speaker.

For more information on Kath V’s COLOUR & STYLE WITH CONFIDENCE NEWBORN + SITTER WORKSHOP click here.



An Excerpt from KATh’s Blog

Where it all began...

When I first started Newborn and Baby Photography, my first studio was actually Piper's bedroom. There was no room for props or more than 3 people! It was teeny TINY but as I was just starting out with close to no props, it was perfect!  My light source were the East facing windows which meant the light constantly changed in the morning, It was always a case of adjusting the curtains while in the middle of a shoot. The more I practiced, the more I understood my light and I knew I needed a South facing window.

Then came my second studio which was the lounge, located at the front of the house and the windows were South facing! It was also wide enough that I can have two set up going at the same time   and even fit a sofa for my clients.  I had a small cupboard and my props fit perfectly! The new studio was almost perfect except for the toilet being towards the inner part of the house. My clients have to go through my house to use the toilet and to be honest it is quite hard to get a house clean and tidy with a baby around.

John then suggested to move the studio into our MAIN bedroom and it made perfect sense as there was an ensuite for my clients and a walk in robe for my growing collection of props. I tell you, my husband is my biggest supporter and only he can sacrifice the comfort of our bedroom and ensuite for my passion. He even built an internal door half way through the hallway so when clients come in, they can't see the mess on the other side of the house and for privacy purpose too. It was perfect! Life was good for a year! Then one day, I photographed twins who came with their parents and grandma. I also had a photographer friend help me that day. We were constantly bumping into each other, it was crowded. That's when it dawned on me, I need a bigger studio!

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