23 month old Evie

Meet Evie, almost 2 years old.

Evie's session was a challenge and she made me work hard (but not as hard my daughter lol). Mum warned me that she doesn't like her pictures taken, wouldn't smile when she sees the camera and not interested in hair pretties at all. What is interesting is that she actually made it known that she doesn't like all of the above by telling me so. She is one clever and well spoken girl. With perseverance, Mum and I managed to overcome all 3 (and more) and came up with these gorgeous images of Evie. She has the most beautiful brown eyes, soft golden hair and pretty little face. I've really enjoyed this session.

I'd say bring on more 2 year olds - hahaha.

Enjoy your sneak peek, Jessica and Ryan x

Melbourne Baby Photography_45.jpg