7 month old Jasmine

Jasmine took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on her. With her stunning blue eyes, gorgeous serious face, chubby legs, & adorable arm rolls I was hooked and I wanted to keep her! She was one of my mini session babies and I've asked her to come back to model bonnets for me.

She had her eyes set on Mum most of the time but the few times  I've captured her looking through my lens are some of my all time favourite images. Her gaze was captivating! Despite her oh so serious look (which I love so much), she gave me plenty of smiles looking so sweet and very cute!  She also rocked these amazing Whippoorwill Nest's bonnets, it was like these bonnets were made for her! In fact, the green and pink bonnet you see below was named after her. They suit her perfectly!